Relationship breakdown

When a marriage or long-term relationship breaks down both parties are typically in a fragile state.

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When a marriage or long-term relationship breaks down both parties are typically in a fragile state.

One person might feel wronged by the way their partner has behaved, or could be feeling particularly vulnerable that the rock of stability in their life has been shunted aside. Although some relationships dissolve in an amicable fashion, without rancour on either side, it is not uncommon for anger and hurt to spill over when couples discuss how they will move forward separately. This is the case whether two people have been married or whether they have cohabited for many years without seeking formal recognition of their partnership.

A bitter separation undoubtedly makes conversation challenging, but there are obvious reasons it is absolutely vital to talk. Most important of these is the welfare of your children.

Children are caught in the middle when their parents’ relationship reaches its end; but they can be the ones who suffer most in the fall-out. A divorce or separation can be immensely destabilising and can have a lasting harmful impact if not handled properly. So whatever the reasons for separation, it is crucial to talk through the consequences, and to aim to seek an outcome which provides the best circumstances for children, so they can hopefully be happy and settled with their parents, even if the future environment looks different.

Remaining calm, rational and open to compromise is also necessary when addressing family finances in the event of family upheaval. There is little to be gained from financially damaging your ex-partner if a mutually agreeable arrangement can be reached through talking sensibly to each other. Keeping an objective detachment is so important when discussing money, thinking about what makes the most financial sense for all concerned whatever the cause of the separation might have been.

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