Past events

Difficult Conversations: Intra-family disputes – prevention and resolution

In this session, Partners David Draisey and Lara Barton discussed planning for later life, offering valuable insights into a range of issues that families should consider to ensure smoother family relationships.

Planning: smoothing family relationships

  • The importance of appointing attorneys early to handle financial affairs and healthcare decisions.
  • Practical steps to effectively manage your finances and ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones by making informed healthcare decisions.
  • Valuable insights into post-death planning, including Wills and Letters of Wishes, and receive top tips on how to avoid conflict.
  • Succession planning and the careful appointment of key figures to ensure the seamless continuation of your family business.

Resolution: Removing the barriers

  • Explore the complexities and common themes of trust and probate disputes.
    Learn how to break the impasse between warring trustees and beneficiaries
  • Discover strategies and practical advice for navigating contentious trust and probate claims.

Difficult Conversations: Coercive control – a toolkit for friends and family

In this session, Olivia Piercy and Polly Atkins were joined by Sara Davison, The Divorce Coach, to shed some light on the various forms of abuse. The event, chaired by Jo Carr-West, covered:

  • How to recognise the signs of coercive control
  • Offering practical support and how to have the difficult conversation
  • The implications for children
  • How to assemble an effective support team.

Difficult Conversations: Protecting elderly and vulnerable people

In this seminar, Lara Barton (Partner), Vanina Wittenburg (Senior Associate) and Dr James Warner looked at the challenges faced by vulnerable individuals and their families/loved ones.

Vulnerability can be caused by mental illness, disability, old age, dementia, addiction or even grief. In addition to being vulnerable to financial abuse, such individuals can suffer from cognitive impairment and loss of mental capacity, rendering them unable to make valid decisions.

This seminar covered:

  • Planning for and dealing with vulnerability and decline/loss of mental capacity
  • Knowing how to recognise and respond to these issues; and
  • What to do when the planning is not in place or has gone wrong.

Difficult Conversations: Growing pains – issues relating to family companies as they grow

Setting up and growing a family company comes with unique challenges, including balancing family dynamics and business decisions, establishing clear roles and responsibilities and addressing succession planning.

In this seminar, Piers Larbey (Partner), Stephen Morrall (Consultant) and James Letchford (Partner), looked at these issues as well as the purpose of a shareholders’ agreement between shareholders of a company regulating how it is run.

Additionally, they provided valuable insights into navigating the commercial property landscape, including leasing, purchasing and managing property for your family business.